Help maintain the accuracy of the GSMA TAC Device Database

The GSMA Terminal Steering Group (TSG) has created a quick and easy way to report a TAC data error for all organizations who have access to the GSMA Device Database. It is well understood that these stakeholders come into regular contact with the data points associated with each unique TAC and thus can easily spot and report a TAC data error to help keep the GSMA TAC data even more accurate.

MNOs, Government, LEAs and Regulators - Here’s what to do

Download and complete the TAC Data Challenge form and return it to the GSMA IMEI Helpdesk for processing. There are some useful guidelines to follow on the first page of the form. Click here to read the policy that is in place to manage this activity.

Brand Owners and Manufacturers – Here’s what to do

If the GSMA IMEI Helpdesk receive a challenge relating to one of the fields associated with your TAC, you can expect the Helpdesk to contact your company’s main point of contact, established when your company registered in the GSMA IMEI Database portal. You will be given 4 weeks to consider and respond to the challenge. We hope all affected will respond in a timely manner as it is important all key stakeholders work together to maintain the integrity of the TAC / IMEI data.