Updated GSMA Terms and Conditions for TAC Allocation

We have updated our Terms and Conditions for TAC Allocation with effect from 1 April 2018.

Key updates from the previous Terms and Conditions include:

  • Removal of grandfather fee plan
  • Introduction of new Subscription fee plan
  • Update and clarification of the TAC allocation processes and policies
  • Clarification of requirements for co-branded devices, and brands which are licensed or sold to other manufacturers
  • Clarification of requirements for TAC agents
  • Clarifications of GSMA use of IMEI data and IMEI security testing programmes
  • Clarification of requirements for modems and IoT devices

In order to continue to receive TAC Allocation, you will be required to accept the updated Terms and Conditions on your first login to imeidb.gsma.com from 1 April 2018.